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one saturday, i won’t have anywhere to go.
at 9:07, i’ll find you next to me
kiss your forehead
and go back to sleep

one saturday, i’ll make a slow breakfast.
while you’re in the shower,
i’m making the coffee
and you’re slipping your arms around me

one saturday, we’ll be together.
wandering farmers markets
snapping pictures of each other,
sneaking kisses

one saturday, ill go to sleep.
knowing that life can’t get better
that i’m not dreaming
that i’m finally home.

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Your natural hair and your soft skin, and your big ass in that sundress,
Good God, what you doing that walk for?
When I see that thing move, I just wish we would fight less and we would talk more,
And they say communication save relations, I can tell.


I’m thinking ‘bout that sex, thinking ‘bout her thighs
Or maybe kissing on her neck, or maybe what position’s next
Sent the pictures of her titties, blowing up my texts
I looked at ‘em and almost ran my front bumper into a Corvette

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